What My Students Say

Here’s some feedback from
some of my students

“So far, 5 trades taken, 5 trades won. Excellent.”


“Takes so little time – a true “set and forget” system, and then just a very few minutes of managing the trades in the evening. Wonderful!”

Hans Du Reitz

“Congratulations on a great methodology… What a relaxed way to trade!”


“Overall, a good week netting a total of 294 pips.”


“… an easy way to place/monitor trades once a day, with the minimum of effort and time taken, and the potential profit levels are excellent for the time taken.”

Ray Clarke

“It’s simple straightforward and takes little time to operate, and is proving to be rewarding”

Allan Thomas

“I really enjoy Overnight Momentum Trading because it’s a “set & leave” system.  So trades can make decent gains over several days, with a clear “cut off” time to finish & get out.”

Roger Beale

“I like that it has set, clear rules – there’s nothing confusing about it nor any decisions left to one’s own judgment.

I also like that it doesn’t require hours of watching charts and then having to act quickly if something happens.

I have no wish to be teacher’s pet but I have to say that I can’t find anything that needs improvement at present…

Overall profit for week 4 was £545.20 which I am quite pleased about!”

David Shannon

“… it’s the first system that I’ve tried that’s not too complicated and works”

Richard Friend