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Dear Friend,

You set up your trades on Monday evening…

Then make a simple 2 minute check anytime between 10pm and midnight on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

And that’s it!

“So far, 5 trades taken, 5 trades won. Excellent.”


You literally “switch off” and walk away!

There’s no skill involved, no constant screen monitoring or stress.

You can do this even if you’ve never traded Forex before.

Fancy making an extra £250 – £394 a
week from just 30 minutes ‘work’?

With your permission, I’d like to show you how to make consistent, tax-free profits on the Forex markets without spending hours glued to your screen.

You don’t need any expensive software or previous knowledge and you’ll never be taking big risks with your money.

“OMT is the best system I’ve ever used… I’ve tried lots of systems and yours is the only one to have made substantial pips”

Midge Reynolds


Already trading Forex? Great!

I’ll show you how you could be up and running within minutes, it’s that simple.

It takes just 30 minutes a week to set up and run my strategy.

And based on our audited results you could have made £250 – £394 a week from just 30 minutes work.

I’ll show you exactly how.

If you’d like to make a consistent income
trading Forex but don’t have the time to
spend all day staring at charts, this is for you

I call this strategy Overnight Momentum Trader (or OMT for short).

“Overall, a good week netting a total of 294 pips.”


That’s because you just do one, simple check in the evening and then switch off your computer and leave it.

There are 2 ways to profit from this – and you can choose the one that suits you. Both use exactly the same strategy they just have different levels of risks.

The reason I’ve given you a lengthy 60 day trial is so that you can really see the system working for yourself.

Once you’re confident using the system, and you’ve banked your first profits, I strongly recommend switching to the longer term staking plan.

Don’t worry, I’ll explain exactly how in simple steps.

The most time you’ll ever have to spend on this is 15 minutes on a Monday evening

So how do you trade this simple strategy?

The most time you ever have to spend is 15 minutes on a Monday evening.

Let me break that down for you, so that you can see what’s involved…

(Remember, I’ll show you exactly how to do this step-by-step).

Here’s what your week looks like…

1) You draw 2 lines on a chart for the markets we trade using OMT (in fact to begin with I’ll do this for you, until you get used to it!)

2) Simply make a note of the trigger prices

3) You place the orders

This is as close to ‘set and forget’ trading as you can get.

The rest of the week between Tuesday and Thursday you only log in ONCE, anytime between 10pm and midnight to check whether your trade has triggered.

“Congratulations on a great methodology… What a relaxed way to trade!”



If it has, you move the stop loss. If it hasn’t, you leave it!

Either way it’ll take you no more than 2 minutes a night.

If your profit target still hasn’t been hit by 7pm on Friday then you just close the trade manually.

You’re not constantly monitoring trades or sweating over your screen. There’s no worrying over the weekend and there’s no faff or hassle.

And I’ll show you exactly what to do with simple step-by-step instructions and ‘live’ examples.

Some weeks you’ll automatically
bank your profits by Tuesday!

In reality at any point during the week you could reach your profit target.

Some weeks you’ll have automatically banked your weekly profits by Tuesday or Wednesday evening!

When this happens you can hang your boots up again until the following Monday. If only everything in life was so straightforward!


With OMT, I’ve done everything I can to remove some of the barriers that can stop you trading successfully.

It’s amazing how much you can make
from trades that are so quick and easy!

“I’ve made nearly £850 using a trade size of 1.0 on each trade… For the amount of time it takes I’m very pleased. It’s restored my confidence that perhaps, at last after years of searching, I’ve actually found an FX product that works for me!”



If you’d started trading the low risk version of my strategy back in January last year, you could have made as much as 4,003 pips profit up to the end of July 2015.

That works out at an average weekly gain of 50.03 pips for just 30 minutes ‘work’.

Now if you were staking £2 per point you’d be banking £100.06 each week. With £5, you’d pocket £250.15.

That’s a pretty impressive return for any trading strategy…

Even more remarkable when you remember it would have taken you no more than 30 minutes each week to set and manage those trades… sometimes even less if the trades closed out early.

When you take a look at the results over
a year, it starts to get really interesting


“I like that it has set, clear rules – there’s nothing confusing about it nor any decisions left to one’s own judgement.

I also like that it doesn’t require hours of watching charts and then having to act quickly if something happens.

I have no wish to be teacher’s pet but I have to say that I can’t find anything that needs improvement at present…

Overall profit for week 4 was £545.20 which I am quite pleased about!”

David Shannon

Over a year and sticking at a modest £2 per pip you would have made £5,203.12.

At £5 a pip you could have made £13,008! That’s the equivalent of making £500.30 PER HOUR!

Imagine trying to get paid that kind of overtime with your boss.

Now let’s take a look at the more aggressive version of the strategy.

This is where we take a longer-term view on the profit and loss. While we have more losing trades, when a trade wins it pays out significantly more compared to the low risk version.

Here are the audited results taken since January 2014.

Staking £2 a pip you’d make an average weekly profit of £157, £5 would deliver £394.

Over a year, you’d be up £8,189 with £2 stakes.

At £5 per pip you could have made £20,488!

That’s the equivalent of earning £788 for every hour spent trading – show me another Forex trading system that could make so much in so little time.

No X Factor sob story… but mine’s
a pretty ‘unconventional’ journey!

My name’s Rich Fitton.

Rich Fitton

I never thought I’d enjoy trading, let alone be good at it.

In 2002 I was a manager for a builder’s merchants in Cheshire.

We specialised in underground drainage (I know, glamorous stuff!) I spent my days dealing with house builders, getting their orders picked and delivered to building sites.

It was a decent job that paid the bills, but if I’m honest I just didn’t feel motivated or inspired.

I started trading in my spare time because I was determined that it would give me a skill that enabled me to be my own boss and earn enough money to lead the kind of life I wanted to lead.

“Your website is excellent, really helpful and informative, have not had the need to contact you regarding anything so far… OMT is the only way that I can even contemplate forex trading so your system is great for me.”



Like most people, I had to figure this out for myself, whilst worrying about paying the mortgage and putting food on the table.

I worked hard. Really hard.

I tested, trialed, experimented and learnt using my own money.

It took a lot of hard won (and expensive) lessons but I eventually became a successful scalper and commodities trader.

With a bit of cheek and a lot of persistence, I was even able to ‘ethically bribe’ my way into the world of Chicago’s Futures exchanges.

I went from working at a builder’s merchants to trading on the Chicago Futures exchange

I got to work alongside the professional pit traders. (You know, the guys who used to frantically wave their arms in the air, screaming orders!)

And I learnt a LOT about how money is really made.

I found that by combining an old technique I learnt off the commodity pit traders with a specific time window my strike rate increased dramatically…

I started trading it on the specific Forex markets to see what would happen.

It worked! Best of all I was spending just a few minutes on a Monday spotting all of the week’s trades and setting them up.

I tried the strategy on different currency pairs and they kept winning.

There was no need to monitor the trade during the day. It just took a quick 2 minute check the following evening to see if it was worth adjusting the stop loss.

But look I don’t want to tell you how much you should make from this – I want to hear from you how much you ARE making from this

As I said I take you through everything in step-by-step detail.

It’s so simple even my 10-year old nephew can understand this.

I know I can help you succeed, but I’m not going to guarantee to you that you’ll make this much or that much like some kind of used car salesmen.

“… an easy way to place/monitor trades once a day, with the minimum of effort and time taken, and the potential profit levels are excellent for the time taken.”

Ray Clarke

I think that’s a cheap trick and disrespectful to both of us.

Some trades win some trades lose and some months will be better than others.

What I can tell you is that since I’ve been trading OMT my strike rate has been 56.87% on average.

I’d much rather let my students speak for me and more importantly give you a chance to see for yourself just how profitable this is. No waffle, no hype – just you using it in your own time with no pressure.

That’s why I’d like to let you try OMT for 60 days risk-free right now. See it working for yourself and if you’re not 100% convinced for any reason you can return it for a full refund.


I’m obsessed with helping you succeed, that’s
why I got independent beta testers to put
the strategy through its paces

I’ve been trading for years now and I take some things for granted so when I set about writing this manual I wanted to make sure I left nothing to chance.

I didn’t want to leave any gaping holes or fill it with jargon that anyone new to trading might not understand.

“I really enjoy Overnight Momentum Trading because it’s a “set & leave” system.  So trades can make decent gains over several days, with a clear “cut off” time to finish & get out.”

Roger Beale

That’s why I released it to a group of independent beta testers first to get an idea from REAL people who’ve never tried my strategy before to see how straightforward my manual really is.

I asked them to let me know exactly what they thought about it. Whether any areas or sections were confusing, unclear or overly complicated.

They also began to trade the strategy live.

Then I took onboard all the feedback and rewrote any bits that needed clarification or more explanation.

It’s not just enough that I understand it or my publishers understand it – this needs to be given the stamp of approval by the only people that matter – my strongest critics: you! You can see what the beta testers had to say throughout this report.

I’ll even show you the levels to begin with so that you don’t have to draw them yourself!

Once you take up your 60 day risk-free trial on OMT, I’ll make sure you have my full support and guidance.

I’ll send you twice weekly email updates during your trial period, so you can check you’re following the system correctly. You won’t need it after that – the strategy really is that simple.

What can you expect in these alert emails?

“It’s simple straightforward and takes little time to operate, and is proving to be rewarding”

Allan Thomas


Monday night is ‘action’ night. That’s when I’ll lay out the week’s price levels and point out everything you need to be aware of.

On Sunday night I’ll send you an ‘End of Week Summary’. This is a review of the trades as they happened with my commentary, including a video review as well.

“Takes so little time – a true “set and forget” system, and then just a very few minutes of managing the trades in the evening. Wonderful!”

Hans Du Reitz

The emphasis is on simplicity and ease of use. If you’ve got any niggles or doubts you can always contact me by email and I’ll be happy to help.

Sometimes the best way to learn is to see how it works for yourself and that’s what I’ve done with OMT Alerts.

You can see how I’ve looked at the day’s events and see how it’s done.

They’re there to give you the confidence that you’re following the strategy correctly. It’s like me personally guiding you through the trades!

After your 60 day free trial period you’ll receive these alerts for just £57 a month. Of course you’re free to cancel them at any time. Just let me know and no further payments will be taken.

And as I said, if there’s anything you’re worried about or unsure about you can simply drop me an email and I’ll aim to get back to you within 24 hours.

I’m only making 150 spaces available
on a first come first served basis


“I like the personal touch and feel you’re interested in the success of participants not just making money, Thanks”



I’m never going to make this programme available to too many people because I’m focussed on support and helping you succeed.

I could flog this on ClickBank to thousands of people, not offer any support and dance off into the sunset.

That’s the opposite of what I want to happen.

Look, I know that feeling of hopelessness when you feel like you’re stuck in a rut doing the same old thing.

I want to personally help you take this strategy and start making money from it. That’s why I insist on your 60 day risk-free trial period and it’s why I’ll give you my personal email address for support queries.

How much would you pay for a proven Forex
strategy that fits around your schedule?

If you take a look on the Internet you’ll find hundreds, if not thousands of Forex trading systems on offer.

Seminars can cost £4,000, some courses cost as much as £2,000.

“… it’s the first system that I’ve tried that’s not too complicated and works”

Richard Friend

Yes, some of them do work but would you really want to risk that much money finding out?

I want to show you how to get stuck in and making money without the worry of having to claw back your investment before you see any profit! You won’t need any expensive software, books or hyped up seminars to use this strategy.

Right now you can get your hands on my complete course which includes your manual, simple online training videos, weekly trade emails and my full ongoing support via email for just £247 (and until the midnight tonight I have an even better offer for you…more on that in just a moment!).

There are absolutely no hidden costs apart from your PC and Internet connection.

STOP PRESS! For this Bank Holiday Monday you can try OMT Trader on Easy Pay – but only if you secure your risk-free trial space before midnight tonight, 31st August

“the best written trading manual I have ever seen in my life. I’ve been a part time sports trader/scalper for 2 years so I’ve seen my fair share junk, and this is so diametrically opposed to those with the sheer level of details and care you’ve put into this. I don’t think you’re charging enough! :-)”



Until midnight tonight, Monday 31st August I’m giving you the chance to try OMT on our best ever easy pay offer.

Normally you can only get access to OMT Trader with a one off payment of £247, but right now you can get access to everything today – the manual, training videos and 60 days of my OMT alerts – for just £82.33!

Try it for yourself and see how much you could make. Then you pay just 2 more easy instalments of £82.33 over 30 day intervals unless you let me know that you want to cancel.

What’s more you STILL have the reassurance of my 60 day money back promise. You can claim back any payments made if you aren’t delighted with OMT’s performance. I can make such a bold offer because I know that if you trade with OMT you will keep it!

“Good week for me… ended up 206 pips”


All you need to do is click on the yellow button at the bottom of this page and you’ll be taken to the secure order page. You can reserve your risk free easy pay trial of OMT and start seeing just how much profit it can make for you.

Give me 60 days and I’ll show you an easy to follow ‘set and forget’ Forex strategy that you could use to make a consistent tax-free income

Secure your space today and get started. Open an account and see how simple it is to start trading (you can ‘paper trade’ – trade without using real money on a demo account to begin with or trade with minimum stakes).

Remember you get a full 60 days to get a feel for how everything works.

Ready to get started?

Great, I can’t wait to get cracking. Just click on the order button below.




Rich Fitton

“have found the results to be impressive, almost staggering, when compared to most, if not all, of the rubbish I have seen before… Not only does the OMT system seem to work but, in my experience, your back-up service, advice and sheer enthusiasm to improve and build on what is already on offer, is second to none. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a system, where after first having grasped the basic principles, that one then is actually handed on a plate, entry points, stop losses and targets, the majority of which are of a winning nature.”

Michael White

PS. Still got some questions about OMT?

Here are some questions I often get asked. This might help answer any worries or concerns you may have:

Question: Will I be stuck to my screen all day?

Absolutely not! You set up the week’s trades on Monday evening (it takes approximately 15 minutes) and then after that you leave it well alone. You just do ONE, simple 2 minute check Tuesday – Thursday at anytime between 10pm and midnight.

Question: What kind of starting bank do I need to trade this?

The good news is that unlike a lot of trading strategies you don’t need a big bank for this. In fact you can trade at just 10p a pip. This is a great way to build confidence up after you’ve got to grips with the service. I always recommend trading at lower stakes to begin with and then gradually building up your bank and stakes.

I recommended starting with at least £500, although you could start with less.

Question: How much will I be risking on individual trades?

You only ever risk 3% – 5% of your bank on any single trade.

“Well I’ve reached the end of my 60 day trial and I’m pleased to say I am happy to retain your system as it actually works”


Question: Will I need to use any special software or trading indicators?

No! You don’t need to use any fancy software or trading indicators whatsoever.

If you’re out and about in the evening you can still check via your smartphone. I’ll show you a simple and free little app you can download that lets you do just that.

Question: What if I win too much, will I get banned from the trading platform?

It does happen from time to time! The good news is there are dozens of trading platforms we can use. If one starts misbehaving I’ll be right on the case offering you a suitable alternative.


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